Friday, February 12, 2010

Bring on the chocolate!

The Double Chocolate Chip Cookies will take care of your chocolate craving! (Pg. 71) My mother made these delightful cookies this morning and they are perfection!

I observed her as she threw this recipe together in 15 minutes, while I wrote. We waited as they baked and then cooled...24 minutes is a long time to wait while your nose is being teased by melting baking chocolate.

The result...slightly crunchy edges...softy-warm-yum in the centres!

Thank you!

Dear Babycakes,

I appreciate you checking out my blog! Your recipes and shop in NYC are inspiring! I'm enjoying baking through your cookbook and my family and friends are benefiting from my endeavours. :o)

Congratulations on your new Babycakes LA location! I'm sure it will be a great success!

I look forward to visiting you in New York this fall.

Fat Pants Time!

The Double Chocolate Fat Pants Cake (pg. 106) was a blast to make! I liked the chocolatey cake-brownie layers and cookie crumbles! The finished product looked the same as the picture in the book minus Jason Schwartzman holding the cake.

The icing didn't turn out like I remember it tasting in NYC because I didn't let it sit in the refrigerator long enough to set up properly (6 hours).

Word to the wise: Don't rush the icing making process...let it do it's thing!